Monday, August 01, 2011

It's Our Birthday!!! Love It^^

Ay sume.. Annyeonghaseyo,,,everyone.. It's very long time not update this blog.. Really miss it.. Actually,,my direction is want to tell everyone that on 30th July 2011 is my birthday and on 31st July 2011 is my MinWoo No oppa birthday... This is our bestday.. Our birthday is just difference one day only.. Hahaha... I think maybe Allah (God) want matching us,,hahaha (d0n't t0 daydream la).. But seriously I'm fall in love with MinWoo No 0ppa!!! And you all know what,,me and MinWoo oppa likes Mickey Mouse!! Aaa~~ oppa,,would you be my B0YFRIEND someday???

Kyeopta oppa!!! My yeobo...
Birthday: 31st July 1995
16 years old in Malaysia and 17 years old in Korea... Huhu <3

It's my birthday's cake.. Hahaha
It's really not tasty and I really don't like it..
Birthday: 30th July 1996
15 years old in Malaysia and 16 years old in Korea..

For the second time I want to ask MinWoo oppa,,"WOULD YOU BE MY BOYFRIEND SOMEDAY??" *shy and wink to MinWoo oppa!!